Techwomen program 2016 : Selection and preparation – J-10


May 2016, woke up and first email I found :

Congratulations! You have been selected for TechWomen 2016

Techwomen program is an initiative launched by the¬†U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to empower and enforce women or we call “Emerging leaders” in the STEM fields from Middle East, Africa and southern Asia.


It consist of a professional mentorship and exchange program where women travel to the US to be hosted in known companies in the Silicon Valley or San Francisco. They have a chance to network, learn new technologies, develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills and much more. More about the Techwomen program.

Since that day, every thing went fast. It started by receiving emails to organize our travel, filling the matching survey and meetings to prepare presentation, projects we will be working on during our stay in the U.S. and our trip.

5 fabulous women – in addition to me ūüėČ – from Tunisia have been chosen! The kind of inspiring women with pronounced personality and whom you fell ¬†amazed¬†to listen to them talking about their professional accomplishments and conceptions for current Tunisia issues.


“It’s a life changing experience”

I’ve heard this sentence from all the mentors and Techwomen alumnae. It’s an incredible chance to evolve for 5 weeks in an inspiring ecosystem where technologies are at their edge and where you creation process is optimal.

During the program we will be doing:

  • Professional mentorship project: Each techwomen¬†will hosted in a company and have mentors working in that company. She will work on ideas or/and new technologies/concepts she want to learn or/and develop her startup for example.
  • Action plan: We will work as the Tunisia group around an idea to realize when back to Tunisia. This idea will be pitched and if the audience liked it we will receive a seed grant to realize the idea when back to Tunisia.
  • Diverse events to network and visit companies, leadership workshops, volunteering activities, cultural activities.
  • A travel to Washington DC to participate to conferences and end the program period.

I’m been select to be at Autodesk! Yes that freaking awesome company that made AutoCAD and created the project Ignite


Meeting is scheduled with my two mentors SHERYL WALTON and STACEY KINLEY to prepare this professional mentoring period and prepare its content.

Meanwhile, we, the Tunisian dream team are working on the idea we will present during the Pitch day. Brainstorming is undergoing and we are coached by three incredible impact advisers Katy Dickinson, Fatema Kothari and Mercedes Soria.

Screenshot of Action plan preparation call conference

Almost one week is left to start the Techwomen program.¬†I’m getting really excited and driven by the incredible spirit with¬†preparation, meetings and conversations about what this program can help me to accomplish when back to Tunisia.


Will do my best to maintain a series of blogpost about my participation to Techwomen program.

Let’s hope it’s going to be AWESOME ūüôā